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Der direkte Draht zum günstigen Au-Pair-Versicherungsschutz!
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Isatou Demba
22 Jahre


Highschool Graduate
  • 0 - 3 Jahre
  • 4 - 11 Jahre
  • Alleinstehender Mutter
  1. Deutsch
  2. Englisch
Begin Learning German
  • Kinder betreuen
  • Haushalt
  • Kochen
  • Wäsche waschen, bügeln
  • Einkaufen
  • Babysitting
  • völlig gesund
12 Monate
10 months
Germany, Netherland
I am a person with good humor, discipline and full of Patience. To look after kids is not something new for me, because I am living in an extended family with a lot of children. I have been taking care of my younger brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces as well. By living in a big family, I am also used to cook and do domestic works. Although with different culture and backgrounds, I am confident that I can look after any other children to the will of their parents and help them in their daily activities.

Regarding the host family, I would like to be part of the family with all the rights and duties. My wish is, that they can support me in knowing the culture and language as well. That they are ready to live with someone with different culture and be open-minded for that. That we will spend the time together in harmony and trustful way.

In 2017, my brother, his wife, and their 3 years old daughter visited us. It was the first time to meet my Niece who speak a different language (German). As I like children, and as I am grown up in family whereby, we care each other especially the young ones. It has never been difficult for me and my niece to interact and teach each other our languages. My brother`s wife was amazed and happy about the care I have for the children in our family and neighborhood. Quickly their daughter trusted me and build a strong confident and she likes to be next to me than any other person. Since then, I always have an interest in learning German.

It was at this juncture; I was informed by my brother and his wife about the Au-Pair program. They find it as a good experience for me to the, and as I read more information about Au-Pair program I got to realized more that it is an excellent opportunity for me to get to know other Countries and their People with different culture and society. And the most important is to get know the difference family setup and to improve my German lesson.

Als Bruder und Schwägerin von Isatou, können wir bestätigen, dass Isatou wahnsinnig gut mit Kindern umgehen kann. Sie hat sehr viel Geduld und ist sehr kreativ - sie lässt sich viel einfallen damit den Kids nicht langweilig wird. 2017 haben wir unsere Familie in Gambia besucht und Nele (unsere Tochter damals 3 Jahre) und Isatou waren von Anfang an, trotz Sprachbarriere, ein super Team! Seit unserem Besuch ist Isatou sehr interessiert deutsch zu lernen, wir haben gedacht das Aupair Programm ist eine gute Möglichkeit für Isatou ihre Sprachkenntnisse zu vertiefen und dabei noch unsere Kultur kennenzulernen.