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What signifies Au-pair?
Au-pair comes from the French and is called translated "on mutuality ".
Before many young people enter into working life they wish to gather some experiences abroad, where they are able to get to know the language and the culture of the host country.
The Au-pair program offers an interesting opportunity to achieve this.
The admission of an Au-pair in the host family offers you many advantages.
It is the most effective and inexpensive way to improve your foreign language and to get acquainted with culture of the country. Many young people remain in a new country if they want to study or to work on the end of the program.

Advantages for Au-pairs:

  • Learn about culture of a new country
  • Improve your foreign language
  • Get new experiences 
  • Best possibility to develop yourself professionally and personally

Some typical tasks of an Au-pair:

  •  Looking after children 
  •  Household 
  •  Cooking 
  •  Baking 
  •  Laundry, iron
  •  Go shopping
  •  Babysitting
  •  Care of domestic animals

Rights and Duties for Aupairs in Germany:

  • The host family gives the Au-pair pocket money of no less than € 260 per month
  • Aupairs have to be 18-27 years old
  • The maximum daily work period is 5 hours (alternatively 30 hours a week) including babysitting. How these hours are split up can be worked out within the family
  • The host family pays for a monthly public transport pass or arranges transport to and from the language course. If the language school is a reasonable distance away and can be reached by bike then this is also a possibility
  • The host family pays for a private illness/accident/public liability/pregnancy-birth Insurance. The agency can recommend an appropriate insurance if asked
  • An Au-pair staying for a year is allowed 4 weeks holiday (24 days, a week consisting of 6 working days) or 2 working days per month. The Au-pair must discuss with his/her host family when he/she is going to take this holiday. If the Au-pair goes on holiday with the host family, this period may count as holiday if the Au-pair’s work is insignificant and his/her presence not compulsory
  • The Au-pair must pay for the flights there and back him/herself. In some specific cases the host family may offer to contribute to the costs once the Au-pair is in Germany
  • Each Au-pair must be given the opportunity and the time to take a language course. The Au-pair generally has to pay for this him/herself.

These terms and conditions are regulated by the European Agreement of 1969 concerning appointment of Au-pairs, and by state employment offices.

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